About Us

BMV Solutions is a specialist consultancy, providing competitive and cost effective tender preparation, training and consulting services. Our services cater for every size of tender and we can assist any organisation, regardless of previous tendering experience.

With a vast range of skills and experience, you can be assured that BMV Solutions can always assemble the right team to support your requirements.

Through our experience with the tendering process, we are acutely aware of the need to sell your business and services to a potential client. Our teams are able to combine their experience of tendering with your technical and trade knowledge and skill to portray your business in the best possible light to a tender assessor.

Without a focused, tailored and conforming tender submission it is almost impossible to win business from a potential client.

BMV Solutions only employs staff who have the skills and knowledge to enhance your business. For your project BMV Solutions assembles the right team, with the most relevant balance of skills and qualifications to meet your specific requirements. All BMV Solutions consultants are qualified professionals backed by academic results and practical experience.

Professional skills and industry experience held by our team include:

  • Private Sector contracting and tendering
  • Government contracting and tendering
  • Domestic and international contracting and project management experience
  • Workshop/seminar speakers
  • Legal qualifications
  • Construction qualifications
  • Accounting qualifications
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