Tender Preparation

BMV solutions understands that the task of writing and submitting tenders can often be quite daunting and time consuming, particularly if you have limited experience or need to concentrate on your core business.

The tender preparation and submission phase is critical to the development of your business. Your team expends countless hours on the preparation and submission of tenders for lucrative contracts. Without the winning the tender, your business has committed resources without the reward it deserves. The preparation of these documents requires attention to detail and a keen eye for reading between the lines and addressing the key client requirements.

When writing a tender we believe that you should own your tender submission, as you have a vested interest in ensuring that it best demonstrates your ability to meet the needs of your prospective client.

Our services can assist you in three key ways:

  • Firstly, we tailor your response to the needs of your client and provide you with guidance on ways to maximise your chances of winning.
  • Secondly, we review your proposal and provide you with a critique of your submission. You can then use feedback from our critique to further enhance your submission prior to lodgement.
  • Thirdly, we save you time by allowing you to focus on running your business rather than writing proposals.

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Business Development

Business Development in part incorporates the "sales" as well as the "marketing" portion of the process and is in essence taking business (whether existing or new) from cradle to grave more effectively and more profitably.

The development of a tailored business development strategy will lead to a targeted pursuit of work, including a refined approach to tendering focussing on quality rather than quantity.

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Purchaser Advisory

BMV Solutions is a specialist and dedicated procurement service and tender preparation consultancy. This means that on a daily basis our consultants are examining Request for Tender and other procurement documentation, from all sectors, and from within the public and private spheres.

As a result we know what works, and we know what doesn’t – from each of the perspectives of purchaser and tenderer.

This expertise ensures that we can provide a level of procurement documentation and support that will achieve an accountable and defensible process, but will also maximise the quality of the industry response, which contributes to overall value for money in terms of:

  • industry perception of risk and engagement with the procurement process;
  • expedience of evaluation and decision making; and
  • minimising the time and effort to get to contractual close for service delivery to commence.

Our staff each have a background in procurement, so we know that issues around certainty of outcome, for each of time, cost and quality are critical measures of success.

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