Business Development

Responding to tenders represents one portion of the marketing and sales cycle. Within most market sectors there are opportunities to secure work though means other than tendering.

The implementation of an appropriate Business Development Plan is an important aspect of identifying and tracking possible opportunities and ultimately securing the right quantity of relevant work for your business.

Our experience indicates that businesses who manage their business development well have a better pipeline of work and therefore pursue the most relevant opportunities with a greater success rate.

The BMV Solutions team can work with you and your business to:

  • Identify key purchasers in your market
  • Analysis purchasing methods with your target market
  • Develop sales strategies to align with purchasing methods
  • Manage pipeline tracking
  • Review and develop marketing or supporting material
  • Mentor and coach your Business Development team
  • Identify appropriate industry and networking opportunities and events
  • Develop a Business Development Strategy or Plan

Our team can examine your complete business development cycle to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current practices, approach or supporting material (including website). Once a business development strategy or plan is developed, our consultants provide ongoing support to assist you with its implementation. This can include periodic checks, additional mentoring or even participation in key business development meetings or events.

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