I Need a Partner to Support Us on an Ongoing Basis

BMV Solutions offers long term partnership style arrangements, where we provide continuing tender preparation support encompassing all of our services. The agreement is built around a long term arrangement that is tailored to your business, but typically offers:

  • Access to a team of professionals with a broad tendering and procurement experience base that cannot be obtained through the engagement of a single person
  • Advice relating to upcoming opportunities
  • A sounding board when you need someone to 'bounce' an idea off and strategise
  • Assurance of service for identified bids

Such arrangements are ideal for businesses:

  • for which employment of specialist bid personnel would be uneconomical
  • with an ongoing requirement to respond to tenders
  • who require a strategic partnership to work through continuous improvement activities
  • who are growing and need a short to medium bid management solution

Under this model, BMV Solutions become integrated into your business and bid teams, to work with you to continually improve your bids, processes and skill levels.

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