I Need a Tailored Response Template

Almost every tender has unique requirements. To have the best chance of success, it makes sense to start with the best possible template. Our approach to tender templates recognises this and sets you up for success.

Our point of difference is our approach to creating a template. We don’t just give you a generic structure – our templates include specific guidance for each tender. You benefit because your customised template includes advice from a team with $16bn worth of tendering experience across all industries.

Tender Templates

In a cost effective and efficient manner, we provide templates that:

  • Meet the requirements of the particular tender
  • Include guidance on the tender’s key issues
  • Are branded for your business
  • Save you time

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us
  2. We will ask you to provide the tender you are responding to and some background information about your business
  3. We will quote you a fixed fee to develop your template
  4. We develop a template that is tailored to the tender and your business. The template includes:
    • Your branding
    • Response items for all aspects of the tender
    • Our professional guidance to help you populate the tender
    • Smart features to enable easy editing and updating

  5. You use the template and our guidance to complete your submission

Why this is better than a generic template:

  • Generic templates do not consider the unique aspects of each tender
  • Generic templates may not include information that is mandatory and without this you may be excluded from assessment
  • Our team provides you with specific advice to help you populate the template
  • Our templates are developed specifically for your business and your brand
  • There is no risk of you using the same generic template that your competitors may use

Further support

Our support does not stop when we provide your template to you.

Responding to tenders is our core business. Our team remains available to provide further support as you populate your template. We can answer any additional questions you have or provide further assistance if needed throughout the tender period.

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