I Need Help to Respond to a Tender

BMV Solutions personnel are highly experience bid managers and bid developers. We specialise in creating winning tender responses. We have a proven approach to bid management which we can tailor to meet:

  • The time available
  • The commitments of your personnel
  • Your business processes and requirements

Response Planning

Upon commencement, BMV Solutions will work with you to:

  • Establish the roles and responsibilities of each member of the bid team. This will include developing a plan to best use available in house staff resources.
  • Establish processes for:
    • Team communication
    • Document and version control
    • Quality assurance and quality control of the submissions(s)
    • Review existing documentation and previous tender submissions (if available)

Request for Tender Analysis

BMV Solutions will analyse the entire RFT document to:

  • Identify key client/project issues for the response
  • Identify and analyse the assessment criteria and methodology to ensure the response is appropriately constructed
  • Develop strategies to link all elements of the response with key messages relevant to the response

Template Production

After completing the RFT analysis, we will develop an outline response to the RFT to be used as the basis for the response.

All of this work will focus on the assessment criteria and methodology and will form the basis for the articulation of your key messages and themes for the response.

Ongoing Guidance and Partnering

Our experience shows that organisations preparing responses greatly benefit from ongoing support on an 'as required basis.' Throughout the bid development, our team will be available by phone, email or in person to provide assistance and answer any queries that arise.

Throughout this stage, BMV Solutions will contribute to specific elements of the submission content in accordance with the roles and responsibilities established in during Response Planning. This will include drafting text and/or enhancing elements of text to be relevant to the tender and in line with the agreed bid strategy.

BMV Solutions will also challenge and seek to improve specific methodologies developed by you during this Stage to ensure the most appropriate approach to the project is proposed.

Review and Critique

Following completion of the draft bid, BMV Solutions will utilise our experience in tender assessment to completely review the bid from the position of the evaluation team. When doing this, we will utilise members of our team who have not been intimately involved in the development of the bid, so that the review is undertaken from an independent perspective.

Lodgement Advice

As the closing date approaches, we will work with you to validate and check all the administrative elements of the bid and to prepare it for submission.

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