I Need to Review or Improve Our Tender Process

BMV Solutions has the skills, knowledge and experience required to assist businesses undertake audits and improvements of tender processes. Our strength in this area comes from:

  • Having worked within many tender processes and systems whilst preparing successful bids
  • Having developed tender systems across a range of industries
  • Having direct experience as bid managers tendering for work
  • Understanding the requirements of bidding, inclusive of all corporate governance and commercial requirements (and not just focussing on the marketing and content aspects)

Our process for these activities is consultative. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach. We examine the exact requirements of your business and suggest systems or improvements that are relevant to your target clientele and your own business.

In undertaking this process, we can:

  • Undertake desktop audits of the documented system
  • Undertake audits of bid teams' adherence to published systems
  • Monitor (or participate in) a 'live' bid
  • Offer advice based on best industry practice
  • Offer advice regarding areas which could be improved for greater efficiency
  • Offer advice regarding system improvements leading to improved commercial outcomes
  • Assist with the implementation of system improvement (if required)
  • Educate bid teams regarding best practice bid management
  • Assist with document templates and production
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