The BMV Solutions Tender Toolbox is designed to be used by any business as part of the tender process.

The tools are designed to assist you to understand your competiveness and preparedness for a particular opportunity before you commit time or resources to a bid.


This tool can assist you to decide whether an opportunity may be worthwhile for your business to pursue or, alternatively, if it may be inappropriate to pursue at this time. Undertaking this process makes sure that your business only pursues relevant opportunities and subsequently allows you to focus on quality over quantity

Bid Readiness

This tool can assist you to evaluate how prepared your business is to response to a tender or opportunity. If used before or at the outset of the tender period the results can be used by the bid team to understand how your business is positioned to respond to the opportunity.

Competitor Analysis

This tool is designed to assist you to analyse the relative strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Once their strengths and weaknesses are understood, your business will be better placed to develop strategies to overcome competitor strengths and exploit competitor weaknesses.

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