Tender Training Courses

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Winning tenders is critical to the development and life of your business. Without winning the tender, your business has spent time and money without the reward it deserves.

The preparation of tender documents requires attention to detail, a keen eye for reading between the lines and addressing the key client requirements. Our tender training courses are designed to teach you how to write a tender and how to ensure that your response to the opportunity is strategically written in order to maximise your chances of winning.

Our course is delivered by one of our Directors on a national scale and is offered in your location

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Course Outline

What you’ll learn at BMV Solutions training course.

BMV Solutions’ Tender Training Courses help you take the first towards recognising and harnessing the capacity of your organisation, regardless of its size. The Tender Training Course will cover the following elements:

  • Understand the tender process
    • - What is a tender?
    • - The procurement process.
  • Preparing to tender
    • - Capture planning.
    • - What else can be done before the bid is released?
  • Bid planning
    • - Conducting the ‘GO | NOGO’ process.
    • - Understanding your competitors.
  • Bid management
    • - Who should this be?
    • - Roles and responsibilities of the bid team.
  • Tender strategy
    • - Creating a point of difference.
    • - The secret to winning.
  • Preparing your tender response
    • - The tender analysis.
    • - Laying out your tender response.
  • Independent peer review
    • - When should this occur?
    • - Who should do this?

Let BMV Solutions teach you how to successfully write and win tenders!

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Course Facilitator

Steven Vermey - Director BMV Solutions

Meet Steven Vermey – Director BMV Solutions

Steve has worked closely with many small, medium and large enterprises to develop their tender processes and strategies in order to increase business through tenders. Through this experience, Steve has responded to over 500 tenders across a broad range of industries including:

  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Health
  • Material supply
  • IT
  • Professional services
  • Insurance
  • Security

With this breadth of experience, Steve is perfectly placed to help you identify the challenges and opportunities in any tenders you are involved with. With qualifications as a workplace trainer and assessor, Steve is also well qualified to communicate the concepts and strategies for tenders through his training sessions.

For those who are developing skills to write tenders, Steve also has a background in tender assessments, allowing for great insights into what evaluation boards are looking for. You will be excited to hear the discussions that go on behind closed doors!